Why Serve?

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Of course, I’ll never forget the night that I gave my life to Christ…

It was August 21st, 1998 at 9:22pm. 

Another layer of interest about that time was that it was within 24 hours that I was serving at church. This immediate immersion into the life of the church, I think was vital in my growing and acheter viagra staying connected in faith.

Most definitely, in those early years, I experienced the doubts and regrets acheter cialis that a common with an adult conversion experience. Because I was serving and therefore surrounded by community, I was often able to recover and continue to grow.

In today’s church, which is more often dominated by staff-led ministries and missions, the idea that we enter a community to serve with our spirit-given gifts is not always common.

So Why Serve? What is the purpose and benefit to all believers to use their gifts? And what would the church look like if everyone came to serve rather than be served?

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Author: Simon Guevara