What now?

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Though it’s been a few years, I can put myself pretty quickly back into my thoughts when I had just come to faith.I wondered,

What am I supposed to do with my time now?

I had come to the Lord from a pretty self-centered life. I hit the social spots. Imbibed regularly. Now that I was a Christian, I wasn’t sure of what to do with myself.

The Bible was helpful back then—though I had a hard time reading it for myself. I was eager to learn and from spending time with other more seasoned believers, I figured out that I couldn’t just continue doing the things that I did before. But it wasn’t just that I was being convinced…

I could feel change happening from the inside.

Things, like the drinking just didn’t feel the same anymore. I could sense that the Lord was inviting me to experience more of Him, if I was willing to continue letting loose of old habits and begin building new ones.

Though the language of the Ten Commandments seems particularly harsh, “Thou shalt NOT” (and seriously, do people really believe that God only speaks in Olde King’s Englishe?), these words are an invitation. An invitation to explore what life could be like if we give in that compelling sense that God is real and that He wants us to focus on a relationship with Him, as much as He is focused on a relationship with us.

Maybe you’re at a place of change right now. You might be wondering, “What do I do now?” that you find yourself giving more of your thoughts to knowing God. You might be in that same spot I was in… Trying to do the old routine but finding it not that satisfying anymore.

Then join us for our next teaching series: 

10 Things God Loves You Do To

We’ll explore the 10 Commandments in just 5 weeks. Please join us starting Sunday, October 27th.


Author: Simon Guevara