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placeA few weeks ago, we shared out of 3John the question, “What is the church?” Is it people? A Pastor? A Place? Or a Purpose? Of course, in measure, it is all these things. But how would we naturally rank them?

Traditionally, the church is a Place to go and connect with the Lord, while learning from a gifted Pastor who speaks of the Purpose to which they have been called and gathered as a People. This model works for the most part and is probably the basis of most larger mega-communities.

At Restoration, we have a God-given Purpose: To Know our place in God’s bigger Story. The People gather around that and the Pastor coaches them in moving on that vision. That leaves our Place. While, we are grateful for the 8 years at 1150 McNeil Road, organizationally, the cost of operation has (d)evolved into an obstacle to our Purpose.

Big buildings and grounds require big money and energy to pay for and to maintain. After long seasons of deep prayer, the members of our leadership team emerged with the sense that the Lord was leading us to a more affordable space that will allow us to focus more of our time & effort on mission & ministry.

This week (Aug 12), precleaning is happening and interior walls are being put up to define the new AREA412. What’s interesting, is that even though our overall building space is smaller, our children’s ministry will actually be gaining space. This is important, given that some Sundays our total attendance is almost 50% young people 18 & under.

Next week (Aug 19), we’ve arranged for some deep cleansing of all the carpets & hi-vac. This will give the space a fresh start. It’s our understanding that there was a church plant in there last and they didn’t end well. We’ll also use this time to pray for the Lord’s fresh wind to flow in & bring a new presence! Later that week, we’ll also be painting and installing a/v systems and lights.

IMG_1982Our ministry at 1150 McNeil will conclude on Sunday, August 25th.

We are mark this occasion by asking the Lord’s blessing on the next church that may purchase this building. At the close of our worship, we’ll begin a weeklong process of moving & setting up for our soft-opening on Sept 1st.

With all this renewal of Purpose, God is calling together His People to be a part of this exciting work! Get involved! There’s work to do for any skill level including being an “encourager” to those who are working.

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Author: Simon Guevara