We were there!

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Our youth and leaders who attended CHIC2015 are now back and (nearly) recovered from their week in Tennessee.

CHIC Resto run

You have to look close, but Alicia is in this shot somewhere…


As the pastor, to be hear that stories of how their lives were shifted is so exciting because I know how much prayer and work was done in sending and covering over them. This was truly an all-church effort and I’m so thankful to Austin Bailey, our Youth Pastor and his team, Chris & Meredith Podehl and Alicia Guevara, leading a group of 28 students including 4 students from our sister church in La Villa.

For our size community to send that many students is unreal! 

As an former promotional video editor, I know the process of combing over days of raw footage and trying to reduce it to a short 2-3 minutes piece. You have to represent the dominant moments and from that, select the footage that will tell the story visually. The video editor must look quickly for shots that demonstrate the spirit of the event—in this case, a gathering of 6,000 youth in worship before the Lord, growing in their faith and loving one another.

CHIC Resto

Emilia & Raquel on main stage

That’s why it’s especially fascinating to me that Restoration students & leaders are featured throughout the CHIC2015 Wrap-up video! (Pause at :11-13 for the dancers on the stage, at 1:12-16 runners and 1:57 again, dancing on the main stage!) We’re certainly not one of the biggest churches in the denomination and but we were there!


CHIC 2015 Recap Video from CHICconference on Vimeo.

Author: Simon Guevara