Turn the other Lego cheek

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Midsouth Covenant Camp was a powerful experience for many kids, including mine.

Not only was it fun (which would be a whole other post to share about that) but the theme of this year’s camp was Bullies of the Bible—essentially about forgiveness and loving others well.

Each day was crafted around a biblical value of dealing with hurts.

  • Monday: Courage Standing up to bullies
  • Tuesday: Reaction Why do bullies do what they do? How should we react?
  • Wednesday: Understanding Where do bullies come from?
  • Thursday: Radical Dealing with bullies Jesus’ way
  • Friday: Miracle God can change a bully’s heart.

Our two oldest boys attended for the second year and were very moved to recommitment themselves to living out their faith in Christ.

In fact, my 9-year-old agreed with one of his cabinmates to read the book of James together in order to encourage their walk together!

Dropping them off on the first Sunday is tough but picking them up on Saturday was a joyful reunion. On the 3 hour ride back, we listened to all their stories about water weanies, riding horses, climbing towers, zip-lining and making friends.

And they shared how the day’s lessons were made clear in their small group discussions at night. They both really felt a renewed joy in their spirits to love differently this year…

And then we got home.

Our 3 younger kids all stayed at home with their Marmie coming to spend the week with them (while mom & dad took some R&R). To make the week even more special, the girls moved into their older brothers’ room and camped out in their bunks. In the boys’ room is a very special table with their most precious and intricate Lego creations.

Last year, we had the same arrangement but the girls never seemed the least bit interested in touching the boys’ Lego table. But this year was different. And when the boys went upstairs to check out their room, they saw a mess-pile of broken spaceships, toppled buildings and characters missing key pieces.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard wailing that loud outside of a dramatic film. “YOU DESTROYED OUR LEGO TABLE!!! HOW COULD YOU? WHY??????”


Author: Simon Guevara