True North (Men’s Live It)

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Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33).

Cranky kids, wounding words, the loss of a job, a broken body, a painful marriage—”trouble” comes in all shapes and sizes. The Bible calls it groaning. While everyone has trouble in life, not everyone has learned how to respond to it well. That is, our groaning usually causes us to grumble and react in self-serving ways.

We call it “going south.”

Because of the depth of our own self-centeredness, we’ve found that nothing in life has been harder than learning how to genuinely love others in the face of rejection and frustration. But nothing is more important.

Jesus boiled the Bible down to one sentence: Love God and love others (Matt. 22:37–40). That’s what life is all about. We have needed a lot of help in learning how to love God and others in the groaning of life.

We call that, “going north.”

Therefore, True North Ministries is dedicated to helping others “go north” as they face the troubles and frustrations of everyday life.


Restoration Men will begin working through

True North: Choosing God In the Frustrations of Life

beginning Tuesday, Feb 24th, starting at 8pm.


In my mind, True North is a very important foundation of relational discipleship. Why? Because when things irritate us—when people irritate us—THAT’s when the rubber meets the road in terms of how we’re doing at loving God and our neighbors. True North takes an honest look at the everyday process of groaning, grumbling, grasping to have our needs met. I love that the authors make their case with transparency—offering stories of their own failings—that is relatable.

I’m especially excited that our Tuesday Men’s Group will be working through this resource together and I highly recommend that every man consider attending.

To get connected with our Men’s Ministry Leader, contact Ato Korsah .


Author: Simon Guevara