These could be mine… and they are.

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I was so upset today by the photos of devastation left by Hurricane Matthew this week.

The one above with the two little girls haunts me because these two little sweeties are about the same age as my daughter’s Sabrina and Adele. It pains me to see them there in a badly flooded area, knowing that food and basic resources are already scarce.

It’s almost cliche to say, “They could be MY GIRLS!” But the actual truth is, they are.

God loves these dear girls and through Him I don’t want to ignore their struggle and the MANY who are affected by this disaster. He’s given me—not much—but more than enough to do something.

Tomorrow (10/09/16), we’ll devote prayers during our worship service to areas hit by this week’s storms and I’ll offer some opportunities for anyone who wants to make a special offering to help these sweet girls and the many like them.

RESTORATION has relationships with ministry on the ground in Haiti. I’m excited to develop these relationships and confident in their integrity. My contact assures me that 100% of offering made this week will do directly towards aid, including food, fresh water, shelter, bedding and clothing.

You can make use of our egiving platform Pushpay and mark your support to RESTORATION COVENANT CHURCH ROUND ROCK for “Haiti Relief” or send checks directly to:

  “Ambassadors for Christ in Haiti” C/O Jackie Settle 

3012 Mockingbird Dr. 

St. Charles, MO 63301

Author: Simon Guevara