The Talk

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I get to help (again) with the boys’ maturation classes at OTE today!

Maybe I shouldn’t sound too excited about it but the truth is, I love awkward conversations!

As a dad of growing boys, I’ve had to peel the layers of truth out for them as my older two sons are moving into adolescence. We’ve talked about their hygiene (“You’ll start smelling in new and not-so-wonderful ways”), sex and sexuality.

This ongoing topic of conversation is great and somewhat redeeming. As a boys with no dad around, I learned about life, I think in the worst way possible; on the streets. I’m thankful that God is giving me the courage to talk about these things with my kids.

Recently, I was engaged in a very specific conversation with one of my sons about how babies are made and how God made men and women to fit together… Like Lego pieces. (I hope I didn’t ruin Legos forever for him.)

Every once in awhile, I ask him, “Are you okay? Should I go on?” He reluctantly bade the game go on. He even asked a few questions. I shylessly but I think appropriately addressed them. At the end of our conversation, he looked at me and said, “Thanks. I’m glad I have a dad who will talk to me about this stuff…”  ????

“And,” he added, “I will NEVER do any of that with my wife!”????

So today, as I assist another male teacher in talking with 4th and 5th grade students about the changes that are upon them, I’m honestly and sincerely thankful to be there. Because I imagine that many or even most of them don’t have someone in their lives with whom they can ask questions and get guidance.

In some ways, they are very much like sheep without a shepherd.

Now mostly we’ll be discussing issues of puberty and hygiene not necessarily sex ed. But body changes and hygiene is a lot to process anyway… because at this stage, many of those boys are starting to smell like sheep too…

Author: Simon Guevara