That You Would Expand My Territory

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Several times this week, my phone has offered me an “Alert” that someone I’m following on Twitter, is now following someone else. Is this really “breaking news?”

I participate in a few social networks. At heart, I’m a content producer (going back to my days in broadcasting) and I have a very active mind, so these outlets are fun for me.

I’m most active on Facebook, posting once or twice a day. My Facebook posts mostly are church news (on Restoration’s page) and random thoughts (on my personal page, which is for friends only). I also try to like and comment rather than lurk. I hope that I help make the experience more fun for everyone.

I do use Instagram but that’s exclusively for keeping pace with family. Not everyone wants or needs to see casual pics of my family’s daily interaction, but I know grandma does!

And I’m somewhat active on Twitter (@KnowLiveShare) for Restoration. Twitter gets more exclusive theological thoughts and reposts related to faith and discipleship.

I rarely post the same content on the different feeds. It’s like I have subtly different goals across each platform. Plus, if someone follows us on Facebook & Twitter I hate hitting them with the same information twice.

While, I try to enhance the experience for anyone that I’m in connected to online, I’m probably not as “good” at social networking as many people are. Restoration doesn’t have a huge audience on either place and rarely is something I post “shared” or “favorited.” I hope that it’s not because it’s not interesting content. Maybe people are just leary these days about sharing or reposting expressions of Christianity?

If you’re on these platforms, you may have noticed how they are evolving so that you have exposure to additional relationships? 

Looking at the new Facebook layout, you see that there are not only the viewing of the latest posts by your existing friend base, but sponsored content, suggestions (“You may also Like”) and occasionally invites you to befriend others (friends of friends).


All of these enhancements to your newsfeed are strategically designed to expand the territory of your relationships.

Twitter is doing the same. This is why I’m getting buzzed when someone I follow begins following someone else. Twitter engineers assume I might want to follow them also, thereby expanding my territory for relationships.

Of course, all of their motivation is about money. If I have more contacts, then it is thought that I’d have a more satisfying experience.

Where did they get this great idea that expanding one’s relationships would create a more engaging experience?

Wasn’t Jesus who talked a lot about expanding the Kingdom? Isn’t it the biblical Story that invites those who are invited to become inviters of others?

It not that we could start thinking of the Kingdom of God as a social network, it’s really the other way around—social networks are mimicking the Kingdom, where the experience of it is enhanced as we grow together.

Restoration is excited to answer the great comission to “go and grow” by committing ourselves to the NEXT100.

THENEXT100 6.51.57 PM

NEXT100 is about us being committed to expanding Restoration’s community by 100 in this “next” season.

  • PRAY: Ask the Lord to lead us in reaching others for Him and trust His leading in who we are to personally connect with.

  • CONNECT: Be present and excited about our weekly worship and, if you’re not involved in one of our Know, Live or Share It groups, try one!

  • INVITE: Who do you know that needs to hear the Story? Restoration will be having two worship services on Resurrection Sunday (4/22/14) at 9a and 10:30a. This is to provide extra space for old and new friends.







Author: Simon Guevara