That Kid

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I can’t help it. Every year at this time, I remember that I was once That Kid.

That Kid whose mom worked a lot but it was never enough.

That Kid who saw all the fun of Christmas being advertised on TV but knowing that mine wouldn’t look like that.

That Kid who thought he was forgotten.

That Kid who laid awake at night wondering if this was the year that there would be no Christmas.

Then it would happen. Through the generosity of God’s people, gifts and fun food would arrive at our door and it would be a merry Christmas afterall!

But even now that I’ve grown up a lot and am more secure and my wife and I are able to give my kids a decent expression of our love for them in Christ, I know that all around the world there at Those Kids who, in the hearts know that this is the season of Peace and Joy And yet they wait.

And they Hope.

Obviously, none of us individually can take on that burden, but together we can make a real difference.

Right now, in Congo Africa, there are 25 kids who don’t know it but their names are on our hands. Restoration has been given the profiles of 25 kids to whom we can sponsor and not only make Christmas more exciting, but given them the gift of Hope that will last, perhaps an eternity.

That gift, is the gift of Hope.

Join us in beginning a relationship with That Kid by coming to Hope Sunday on Dec 15th and sponsoring a child through World Vision and the Evangelical Covenant Church. For more information, contact our Congo Kids Coordinator Beth Mitchell.

Happy HolyDays!



Author: Simon Guevara