Whole Body Meeting Jun23

  • 12:00 PM
  • 1150 McNeil Rd Round Rock, TX 78681

The entire body of Restoration Covenant Church is welcome and encouraged to attend a very special time of seeking the Lord’s guidance for our facilities. 

1. Call meeting to order & Opening Prayer

2. Determine quorum (percentage of members needed to conduct official business)

3. Update on the Church’s finances.

4. Authorize the Council to (i) make and (ii) act for the church upon a determination for the church either to remain in its current facilities or move to other facilities.

5. Adjourn

This is a very exciting time in Restoration’s history! The Spirit is speaking and, as leadership, we value the input and affirmation of all our friends to hear Him. This isn’t a meeting for members-only. This is about all of us, in this together! _Simon