Mother’s Day 2016

  • 09:30 AM


Mom sqr 1

They say being a mom is tough. But when you think about it, life itself is tough enough on its own.

Each of us, every day, have to make a choice of how we respond to the struggle. Will we choose to walk in courage that comes with a relationship with a real God in Christ? Or will we choose to live out of the Curse that God rightly administered in Genesis 3?

Join us for a memorable Mother’s Day with excellent worship, from-the-heart message and special gifts for all who want to walk with Courage.


IMG952016031995170903406Alicia Guevara is a passionate follower of Christ and a gifted storyteller. But to her 5 kids, she’s Mama. To her classroom full of curious Kindergarteners, she’s “Mrs. Guevara! Mrs. Guevara! Mrs. Guevara!” (They always call her in 3s). 
But friends around Restoration know her as our Pastor’s wife.
Join us on Mother’s Day as she shares about her walk—including all the stumbles, falls, and white-knuckled car rides that encourage her to make a daily decision…

“Do I live out of Courage? Or Curse?”