Missional Marriage

  • 10:45 AM
  • 1150 McNeil Rd Round Rock, TX 78681
  • 512-336-7370
Comission/OmissionFor every wife who’s frustrated with her husband’s lack of attention…
For every husband who’s wondering why his wife is so demanding…
For every couple that ever found themselves staring at each other and thinking…

“What is the matter with you?!” 


Simon and special guest, yes… his wife, Alicia will get N.U.* about their marriage and where they are in God’s Story.  They’ll share how they have experienced the roots of sins in their marriage and how they continue to grow in living out of a restored relationship.
Together, we’ll explore the volatile combination of the woman’s desire for her husband and the man’s frustrations in his work. And they’ll even take your questions about marriage live and unscripted.
And we’ll see what it’s like to enter the mission field that God is calling every married couple into…

welcome to mission

This is Week #2 of our Relationships Restored series.

*N.U. is for  “naked and unashamed” which is out of Genesis 2:25. It reflects the state of openness before God and each other that we were intended to enjoy before the sin event. Restoration uses this term to describe the goal of emotional integrity or transparency. There will be no actual nudity as part of the worship service. _Management.