Men’s La Villa Share

  • 04:00 PM

When men begin to work together in Christ, mountains can be moved.


The men of Restoration are moving forward on a weekend of mission and friendship, as we head out to La Villa for a weekend of work and worship.

We are excited to grow in our friendship with our brother church in the valley. And we know that friendship—especially with men—is best formed in the action of serving together. I’m so excited to meet, eat and serve along side the men from both communities.

We’ll depart on Friday afternoon and hopefully get there in time for a good night’s rest before morning. There are two basic projects that we’ll be working on: installation of a water heater in their sanctuary and putting down hardwood flooring in their parsonage.

In the evening, the men will gather and eat some good food, worship and grow together in a commitment to serve as one body strong.

Sunday morning, Restoration’s worship team will create shared space for us to experience the presence and Simon will offer teaching.

Are you interested in joining in on this Share It Experience? We need you! Contact Simon and get connected.