Ladies’ True North Group

  • 06:30 PM

Every day we face some kind of frustration: flat tires, flooded basements, wounding words, a broken body, a troubled marriage—trouble comes in all shapes and sizes and can happen when we least expect it. While everyone struggles, few people have learned to struggle well. But it’s not impossible!

Ladies True NorthTrue North offers a unique, biblical paradigm that encourages readers to turn to God in the frustrations of life. Frustration often causes us to “go south.” We grumble and grasp. God calls us to “go north” and respond to hardship with wisdom and redemptive love. Combining biblical insight with personal stories, practical help, and compelling examples, True North will help readers turn from self-centered grumbling and grasping to Christ-centered gratitude and giving.

Restoration Women invite you to attend their True North Live It Group on Wednesdays 6:30-8p starting September 28th at Restoration.