Know The Story

  • 09:00 AM

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In the Story, we will see who we are, why we matter and what we’re about.

Knowing the Story opens up a bigger context of who we are (IDENTITY), what life is all about (MEANING) and how we are to live (PURPOSE). Read more here.

In God’s Story, we discover that:

  • We are Made…         By God: 3/19 | For Relationship: 3/26
  • We are Fallen…        Into Sin: 4/2           
  • We are Pursued…     By God’s Covenant Love: 4/9
  • We are Restored…   In the Good News of Jesus Christ (Resurrection Sunday-No group)
  • We are Called…        To be Disciples: 4/16
  • We are Destined…   For A Great Hope: 4/23

Know The Story Sundays starting at 9am. Contact Nancy Brieger.