Know It Night: Dating, Sex & Marriage

  • 06:00 PM

Know It Nights are like “Ted-Talks” about today’s bigger issues of live, faith & doctrine.

This month: Gender & Sexuality

An amazing liberation of gender identity and sexual preference has taken place. Culturally, we feel no longer bound by cultural stereotypes and ancient values. But the foundational question rarely gets explored: “What is the origin of our gender and sexual expression?”

If we say that our gender and sexuality come from within—that they are self-identified—then liberation is the natural next step; We are whatever we feel we are. And what could be “wrong” about that?

Sunday night, we’ll explore what the scriptures show is the origin of gender & sexuality. And discuss the possibilities of understanding and dialogue with friends and neighbors in this new age of gender & sexual liberation.

  • The origins of gender & sexuality
  • LBGTQ Are we just “born that way?” (The answer will surprise you!)
  • Creating space for friendship and dialogue 

Know It Nights are about hosting great conversations on topics about life, faith and doctrine. You are welcome to bring your stories and opinions and enjoy a lively discussion in the space of good friendship!

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On Gender & Sexuality

Sunday April 26th 6p-7:15p

All are invited. Please bring your dinner and relax together.

MS/HS Youth are encouraged to attend. Children too.*

*We won’t have childcare per se, but could set up a movie for the younger ones in Area 412.