Church-Wide “Garage” Sale

In preparation for our move to our new church home, we will be holding two church-wide garage sales.

Here are some information YOU may need about those sales:

1.  If you have personal property at the church which you DO NOT want sold, please take it home as soon as possible.

If it is still here when we start pricing items, it might be included in the sale!

2.  We hope to list what we are selling in a pre-sale flyer. Things will be available to YOU (and to other churches) before they are sold to the public.  Be looking for that flyer!


The first sale will take place July 26th and 27th,

with a second scheduled for August 16th and 17th.

Which of the following ways will you choose to be involved?:

~Sign-up on a team to help in an area.

~Teams will be going through items to determine if we are keeping, selling,

donating, or disposing.

~Move items to appropriate areas for pricing or boxing.

~Help price garage sale items as they are brought in (and mark them on inventory)

~Help box items that are to be kept and moved (and mark on them inventory)

~Bring donation items to Goodwill or where ever.

~ And others, as we figure this out!


Be a part of this historic effort!!

The money we make on the sale will help with the expenses of our move.

Please contact Vicki Sainz at to volunteer for your assignment!


Lord Jesus, please be with us as we prepare to go where You lead us.  Help us to be cheerful, hard-working, loving, trusting, responsive and to have fun with one another.  Bless our labors, please.  We are Yours,  LORD, and we know our future is in Your hand!  In Your Name, AMEN.