Jesus said of his disciples, “you will be known for how you love one another.” In saying this, the Lord was tapping into one of the most vital but overlooked parts of the Christian experience: relationships.

Love, in the context of a church body, has to be more than small talk and being pleasant to each other. To love one another, takes being real about who we are, how we understand the meaning of our lives and what our purpose is in Christ.

The biblical story is a story of relationships: God to us, us to God and us to each other.

At Restoration Covenant, we talk a lot about relationships and the Story of God. We see authentic relationships being lived out from within the Story that God is telling right now. We’re a church community that is passionate about helping NU friends find our place together in God’s unfolding Story.

We’d love to meet you some Sunday morning for worship or plug into any of our other groups or events that are happening throughout the week.

Know the Story. Live it out. Share it with Others.