Slowing down the moment

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Our oldest son just broke the barrier…

He graduated from elementary school.

Along with the normal reflection and lament, probably my bigger concern is how his movement from grade school to middle school will mean that the rest of our kids aren’t far behind.

I remember when Ruben started Kindergarten. Then the year flashed by and Milo went in. It seemed like compressed time before Sabrina then Adele started school. Now, Harvey—our youngest—will be entering kindergarten this coming fall too.

As the oldest, Ruben certainly gets most of the parental encouragement. But he’s also very self-motivating. He’s perfect attendance for the last 3 years of elementary school was his own choice. He always got plenty of sleep and woke up early to get ready.

He sets the pace for our family.

Which is why it’s especially challenging that he’s breaking into Middle School years… The rest won’t be far behind.

I want to thank the outstanding staff and administrators at Old Town Elementary for pouring themselves so tirelessly into their work. We’re certainly benefitting from the quality instruction and community of Round Rock ISD.


Author: Simon Guevara