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We made it!!!!!!!


3 hrs to Dallas, TX

12 hrs to Knoxville, TN

1 Epic day of fun, worship, and friendship!

CHIC Day 1 is always off the chain! The staff does a great job of pulling out all the stops for the welcome party! After we got all settled into dorms, and changed from our long bus rid, we all headed down to join in the fun and festivities. At the welcome party there was food galore, incredible live music so loud the glass windows were shaking, snow cones, sports, swimming, and much more! 


Anything you thought could be going on at a welcome party went down! It was the party to end all parties!

After dinner it was time for MainStage! The moment everyone has been waiting for! The best part about CHIC every given night! What we wish our Sunday morning worship services were every week! The worship is just so authentic and does a fantastic job of inviting the Spirit into our lives!

This was a glimpse of what Heaven will be like, I know it!


Tonight we had a native Texan bring the message! Ben Stuart of Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M spoke on how Jesus came to as the answer for us “missing the mark”!

The quote of the night from Ben was, “God’s solution to your sin and shame is not to work or try harder – His solution is a Savior.”

He challenged us to live into the struggle of working our faith out by pulling out the weeds and planting the grass of faith in our everyday lives.

This was the perfect first night for our students and our leaders! If you want to follow what we are up to each day you can follow us on Instagram(@revivestumin) and Facebook(Restoration Youth). Also CHIC will be streaming the live MainStage each night! Taste and see what we get to experience each night!

Please continue to pray God will move in the lives of our students and our leaders! May the Holy Spirit begin a SHIFT in each of our lives!

Austin Bailey

Youth Pastor, Restoration Covenant Church

Author: Simon Guevara

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  1. Chris Podehl Posted on July 13, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    It’s almost 1 am and Austin is still up editing video and blogging. Please continue to send some love and uphold him prayer as he leads our youth ministry with heart and spirit.