Share It Opportunity

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SHARETonight, I’m so thankful to the many friends of Restoration who came out today to help clean and prepare a member’s house for sale.
While the circumstances of her needing to move out were difficult, I saw so much love pouring in as friends of all ages did yard work, cleaned, organized and inventoried. Teens and kids were there working hard and enjoying each other. Busy couples gave up part of their Saturday. And seniors friends were overflowing with inspiring amounts of energy.
Probably one of the best things I observed in my time there, was pulling up in the afternoon and seeing the homeowner receiving a supportive embrace from someone who have been there all afternoon. I know he also knows hard times and has seen God’s blessings. I was reminded at that second of what Jesus said,

Blessed are the poor in Spirit

for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!

Restoration… You are a part of that Kingdom.


Author: Simon Guevara