See You At The Pole

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It was a stretch to get all 5 of our kids up a little earlier today but we made it (late) to See You At The Pole.

In the past, we’ve maybe made it with just a couple of our kids or I think last year we sent our older kids to it, while I stayed home with the youngers. Today though, we scarfed down a short breakfast and made just after 7am for prayer around the flagpole.

I don’t have any photos because, uh… I was praying and both hands were busy holding the person next to me.

It was sweet to see many students, staff and parents there all praying together out of our hearts for whatever came to us in the moment.

Some prayed for peace and safety over the school. Another for the staff to be encouraged. Another prayer was heard on behalf of students who are academically challenged.

There were prayers of worship, “You’re so good God!”

Prayers of repentance (from a 1st grade girl), “We’re all sinners Lord! Thank you for Your mercy!”

I heard prayers of commitment, “Lord, give us opportunities to share your love in Christ with many who don’t know you!”

I was struck by this photo from a middle school in my neighborhood:


The original poster said that the event at the school wasn’t well organized. But more they were impressed to see these two students stay there and pray among themselves are parents and other streamed by.

Why pray at the flagpole? We should be grateful to live in a country where we are free to pray in public without risking persecution. But I also heard this morning that one of the main difficulties about promoting these kinds of prayer efforts is that some schools are hesitant to encourage it.

Take time today to pray for a local school in your neighborhood.

Restoration is excited to be in partnership with Old Town Elementary in Round Rock. We’ve provided teacher encouragement, helped develop their community garden and supplied reading mentors to students who are in academic stress. (Yes, it was me who prayed about that.)

This year, we have even more exciting plans that I will tell you about in a future post!

Author: Simon Guevara