Power to Go

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I shouldn’t say it (b/c then I risk it happening soon) bu it’s been a while since I ran out of gas in my car. I’ve gotten close at times… My Jetta has this bleeping red warning light that tells me I’m within a gallon. I’ve pushed that a bit. But with the abundance of stations around, I haven’t run out in a while.

(*There was a day with I was in my low 20’s that I ran out twice in the same day. I guess I’ve learned a few things since then.)

I polled a few friends and found that not many of them have let their cars run out in a while. So there much be some fixed mental process we have where we are aware & proactive to not let that happen. A few friends are “half-tankers,” who fill up whenever it gets below the 1/2 line. Most were “redliners.” A select group were thrill seekers, who squeeze the last mile out before skating in at the last second.

Thinking about this, I realized that while we all designate some energy to not running out of fuel in our cars, how many of us are as focused on maintaining our spiritual fuel?

Near the ascension, Jesus promised the anointing of “power from heaven,” whom we came to know as the Holy Spirit. This power would give fuel to the mission of His disciples going out in an increasingly wider path to be witnesses for the reality of God’s Kingdom come. So this power is fuel to go out & do the work of the commission.

How many of us keep an eye on that gauge so that we’re always fueled up and ready to go out? Are you a half-tanker with the Holy Spirit? Do you want for the warning light before getting a fresh filling? Do you exhaust ever bit of that energy and then skate in last minute to be filled back up?

Or are you one who’s tank was emptied long ago? One of those cars you see on the side of the road with the orange sticker that reads “abandoned?”

Jesus reminds us to repent (turning away from “idles”), to seek forgiveness (accepting the gift of fresh grace) and to be filled once again for the exciting mission that He is calling to enter.

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Author: Simon Guevara