Opening Up Space

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For weeks now, we’ve been busy raising the roof…

I don’t mean the dance move, I’m mean literally taking up the ceiling line in our sanctuary. The space that we lease for our church has ceiling tiles set at 9ft. For the most part this didn’t bother us much. Nice facilities are a luxury in the Kingdom of God. And the Lord should be worshipped in any kind of designated space where His people gather.

So earlier this year, when we started to imagine taking up the interior roofline, it was more about capacity than style. Our intention by raising the roof—taking out the ceiling tiles to expose the 25ft walls—is about adding space for the Lord’s presence. We wanted to increase our capacity for worship.

We also started to consider the emotional space people needed to feel comfortable to worship. For some time, we’ve been experiencing growth with new families and friends connecting with us. But, like a healthy breathing church, we also release some people too.

It just started to feel as if we’d reached the capacity of the room, even if every seat wasn’t filled. Someone I respect in the church planting circles, called it “emotional space” and it seemed clear that we’d reached the limits of it with one service. So we prayerfully decided to open up a second Sunday service.

Starting Sunday, October 4th, Restoration will offer two worship services: 9:30 and 11:15. 

Community is very important to us and there are a few of our friends who are considered that adding a second worship experience will split the body. To encourage mutual fellowship, we’ll be opening up a “Connections Cafe” from 10:45-11:15a on Sundays with great coffee service and easy breakfast items. 

One important detail about our new service set up is that we’ll be offering our Children’s Ministry at the 9:30 service ONLY. I didn’t want to stress our existing team to offer Children’s Ministry for both services to start, since many of our leaders have sacrificed their own worship in order to serve. We’ll open a nursery/playroom for parents of babies and toddlers at the 11:15, with audio or video feed.

Both of these moves—taking up the roof and adding another service—are about adding capacity. We’re opening up more space for the Lord to be worshipped and for new friends to join us in Knowing, Living and Sharing God’s Story in our community.


Author: Simon Guevara