NU: The Story of Dating, Sex & Marriage

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She was faithful to God in waiting for her husband. He was not. This is their story.

waiting On June 5th & 12th (10:30am service), we’ll host a two-part series called NU: The Story of Dating, Sex and Marriage. My wife, Alicia and I will unpack our own experiences and explore the scriptural wisdom on waiting, dating and anticipating their marriage.

We’ll talk about what God’s Word says about the marriage and the path that God is inviting us on to get there. We’ll share what we’ve learned on:

  • What is the biblical definition of marriage?
  • What are people who want to live out of His Story supposed to do with that?
  • Is okay to have sex before marriage?
  • How far can we go without it being considered “sex?”
  • What about living together?  
  • Can Christian couples cohabitate? What’s the harm if they do?
  • Isn’t monogamy ultimately what God wants from us?


Why N.U.?

In the early part of the Bible, the woman is brought to the man by the Lord and the story describes them as Naked and Unashamed. In other words, they had nothing to hide from each other and before their God. This is the picture for marriage that God has for us before (literally) all hell breaks lose in the fall. Then, things changed.

In this series, my wife and I will walk in the light about our stories. She was faithful. I was not.

Hopefully, you’ll see how God, through His overwhelming grace, extends to us an invitation to fully enjoy one of His greatest gifts, which is marriage.

I hope you will join us for this eye-opening series on the most important relationship in your life. (The one with Christ.)


Author: Simon Guevara