Some time ago, church leaders in the Austin area began to ask city leaders what we could do to make the most positive impact on our community.


What we heard surprised us…LP-Student-reading-photo-1

Studies show a strong link between third-grade reading proficiency and future prospects for a positive adult live. A student who moves through the 3rd grade without reading will most likely face a very difficult future.

So the church in Austin began to ask, “What can we do to help?” This is where Education Connection was born. Restoration is excited to be a part of it by serving as the Coordinators for Education Connection at Old Town Elementary in Round Rock!


LP 2016


“I grew up in what would have called an ‘at risk’ environment. One of the factors that saved me from a hard life was that at an early age, I discovered the joy of reading. I can say from first hand experience how powerful of a gift it is to help a student grow in their love of reading!” _Pastor Simon Guevara

Learn more about getting connected with Education Connection from Nancy, our Connections Minister & EC Coordinator:

Restoration is committed to serving OTE as part of our commitment to “SHARE THE STORY of God’s love with our words and actions.” As the Coordinating Literacy Partner, we’re thrilled to build relationships, support our local public schools and give students the gift of reading! We hope that you would share our passion for reaching out to our local community! Join our team of Literacy Partners at OTE this year!

Literacy Partners with Education Connection agree to spend (at least) 30mins a week in the school reading with 2 students for 15 mins each. They read for 7mins then you read a book of your choice back to them.

Would you consider investing 30 minutes a week to make an impact in the life of a child? Check out these volunteer roles and let us know where you’d like to serve.

Click here to learn more about Education Connection to sign up as a Literacy Partner with us at Old Town Elementary!