Restoration is proud of our partnership with the Evangelical Covenant Church, a growing Christian denomination with solid missional roots.

I came to faith in a very contemporary Baptist church. It was larger and for the most part, pretty independent. The first church I served in was an independent Bible Church. While I value that time in my life, after I left there I was longing for something with some solid theological guideposts and encouragement/accountability of its pastors.

Hearing who I was in doctrine and practice, I was recommended to the Evangelical Covenant Church by one of my seminary professors.

What I’ve come to “love about the Cov,” is its emphasis on the transforming nature of the Gospel, the collegiality among its pastors (we all get along really well) and its high emphasis on the whole mission of God (evangelism, justice and mercy). As more intimate-sized church, we have access to a well developed global ministry that shared among all our partnering churches.
The Covenant also places a high value on the freedom we have as believers in Christ. Covenant churches around the country can look very different depending on their context. It’s not about us serving a larger institution…

It’s more like the denomination exists to support us local churches.


Here’s a statement piece from our recent MidWinter gathering…