What is InFellowship?  

InFellowship is like a social network for a church. This is how Restoration friends can get connected and grow together.

What does InFellowship offer me?

By joining InFellowship, you will have access to a secure church directory. You’ll be able to contact ministry leaders, find out about different groups, sign-up for events and stay update on church events. And soon, you’ll also be able to establish and manage some exciting new e-giving solutions in the coming months.

Is InFellowship secure?

  • Every account created on InFellowship will be reviewed by designated church staff before the new Account User can have access to the directory. This means that only church members and affirmed regular attenders will be allowed to have access to the contact information that you allow.

Can I manage my own privacy settings? 

  • Yes. It is totally up to you what level of information you want other Restoration friends to see. Most of it is basic contact information such as your profile picture, address, email and phone contact. We’ll be sure to monitor that none of this information is used for non-church related solicitation. But since we are a community that seeks to love as Christ calls us, we ask that everyone make themselves at least visible in the directory. You can choose what information is shown and who can see it.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy!

  1. Go to https://rcctx.infellowship.com/UserLogin/New to create your account. If you’re there for the first time select “Sign up” at the bottom right. See a sample page
  2. The first page asks for your basic information ; name, your preferred email account and a password. See a sample page
  3. When you complete this step InFellowship will immediately send a reply to your email account with a link for you to continue the registration process. See an email sample
  4. Follow the link to page asking for “a little more info.” This will include your birth date, gender, address and phone. See a sample page
  5. Next, you’ll set your privacy settings . *Remember, it isn’t that helpful if you isolate your information by making everything private. “Everyone” are other Restoration friends. “Group Members” are people you’re currently in a group with (ie,. Know The Story, Financial Peace, Love & Respect or a Missions Share It Group). “Group Leaders” are well… your group leaders. See sample privacy settings
  6. Add a small profile picture to make yourself recognizable. (*There’s a 1mb limit on the pics, so a small thumbnail is fine.) See a sample page
  7. At the top of the page, you’ll menu selections for Groups, Finding a Group and Giving. These sections are going to be very helpful in the near future with getting you connected and helping you track your contributions. All of this will be developed more in the coming months as we have more of the church set up with accounts.

Please contact Nancy with any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer them promptly.