In sickness and in health

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At the time I didn’t really understand what it meant. It was 25 years ago on this day—I was living in New York—and got a call from my mom. Her voice shaking, “There’s been an accident. Noe was on his motorcycle and…”

NoeFor the last quarter century, my older brother has been without the use of most of his body, but his will to thrive is unbroken. He went back to work and finished his career at the same company he was hired in at 19 years old. And he still hunts. Patiently stalking “just the right” deer on his property in Northern Michigan.

I’ll never forget the audible gasps during our wedding ceremony, when Alicia and I asked Noe to extend us his blessing. He said, “May you love and care for each other—in sickness and in health.”

I’m thankful that Noe is such a role model of perseverance and faith. He and his wife Shirley share a powerful testimony that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

Author: Simon Guevara