We are a biblically-centered church

At Restoration, we love God and seek to know Him through His Word. Almost every week, you will be encouraged to have a “hand on Bible experience” as we enter into the teaching space.

We also understand that we a culture raised on impressive media arts that the Bible might seem outdated and difficult to engage. So, we invest in specific teaching to give you handles into God’sWord so that it becomes as precious in your daily life as it is on Sundays.

“On our first Sunday, the pastor encouraged us as he was starting the message to open our Bibles… I had been in so many churches where that’s not heard! I knew then, that we had found a good church.”


Our Worship is extraordinary

IMG_1258Restoration has always enjoyed profound blessing in our worship. These days we are lead with sincere passion by Sarah Raddi. Her desire is to enter us into the presence of God with awe and praise.

Our worship team operates out of spirit of unity and genuine friendship—And they are especially well trained musicians; Sarah (our Worship Leader) has been worshipping in church since she was a youth. Neal (The Professor) is a very experienced music teacher and can literally play just about any song from memory. Ralf is butter smooth in the bass and has loved serving the Lord in churches for years. Eric plays lead guitar on a well-known Austin rock band but is so faithful in serving with his amazing gifts.

“When I enter into the sanctuary, I can feel the presence of God there.”


Our community is real and inviting

Relationships are important to us because they’re important to God. At Restoration, we are often lead to give you more than a handshake, a smile and a bulletin. We really want to meet you and—if you’re comfortable—hear a bit of your story. Because we all have one.

“I would visit churches and walk in not wanting people to talk to me, but then mad afterwards because they didn’t. But the people at our church are different. They want to make a connection and yet are patient if you’re not ready for that yet.”

Midsouth Camp 3

For a small church, we are a widely diverse body

Diversity can’t be created; it is just there if it’s how God has gathered the body. But Restoration is blessed with a wide diversity of ages and stages of live as well as ethnic and economic backgrounds. And somehow, everyone gets alone really great.

“Our denomination has had a long history of valuing diversity—long before it was culturally encouraged. We see ourselves in that tradition of welcoming all who seek to Know God’s Story and Live it out together.”


We are invested locally, regionally and globally

We carry our passion for relationships into the mission field. Every week, Restoration friends are active in local schools with Literacy Partnership, delivering meals to the poor and forgotten, ministering in prisons and more. We’re also connected with other church communities near the border whom we learn as much from as we offer. And, we’re globally minded with ministries in Rep of Congo, Indonesia and (summer 2017) Guatemala.

“Jesus encouraged his disciples to pour out; starting in their hometowns but from there, moving out into all the world. Our Covenant connection allows us to have ministry opportunities that a church our size could never imagine!”


Restoration meets at 475 Round Rock West

in Round Rock, TX 78681

Worship starts at 10:30a

We have excellent Children’s Ministry!

Have questions? Email the Admin Staff to find out how you can get connected.