Hold Still

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I was walking my older boys (1st & 2nd graders) out the door this morning and realized that we had forgotten to do “the verse of the day.” I have this great Bible app (YouVersion) on my phone with a widget that shows the VoD.Most mornings, during breakfast, the boys ask me to read it to them.

*As a fan of the Story, I’m actually not normally a verse-a-day reader. I prefer whole stories or complete passages. But YouVersion is actually pretty good at selecting VoD’s that stand alone well & we do read stories & passages at night during dessert after dinner.

But today… I forgot. So we were walking out the door in somewhat of a hurry and I say, “Oh man! I forgot the VoD! Here, let me read it to you…” And I pull out my phone as we’re walking.

Our normal thing is I read the VoD a few times through & ask them what they hear in it. The often pick up the main idea or surprise me with something they notice. Sometimes, they ask a question about a word & I take time to break it down a little. Then we ask, “How can we use this today?”

One time the verse reminded us to pray for those who persecute you. They asked what “persecute” means. I said, “Well, it means to hate you. To chase you in hopes of catching you & getting you in trouble.” My son, Milo sighed, “I’ve got kids chasing me during recess. They want me to pretend I’m some girl’s boyfriend.” “That it!,” I said. “We should pray for them to stop.” and we did.

Today’s VoD was Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God. I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” A beautiful text, only we were reading it while we were fast walking through the schoolyard.

I asked, “Boys… what does that mean to be ‘still‘ & know that I am the God?… Boys?… Boys?” I heard a couple of grunts and shrugs, so I asked again looking for the clever answer. But I didn’t get one. We were walking too fast.

Point taken, God.

Tomorrow, I’ll remember to do it over breakfast before we walk out the door.


Author: Simon Guevara