Heading North

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“Without understanding grace, we’ll exhaust ourselves trying to be better…”

Tuesday, our Men’s Group (do they need a name?) Skyped with Gary Heim—coauthor of “True North”—the subject was Chapter 6, growing in grace.

IMG_20150414_205743066True North is a resource that wants to help us to reframe our response to frustrations. Why? Because when you experience frustrations; you get cut-off in traffic; your spouse forgets to take care of a responsibility; your kids disrespect you; or you stub your toe in the dark, THAT’s where the rubber of discipleship meets the road of “living for Christ.”

The idea that we must first understand and receive God’s grace before we can start and successfully navigate change in our hearts is super-vital. Without grace, we can approach any discipleship tool as “works;” another way of trying to “be better” by “trying harder.” (Good luck with that!)

I don’t normally make it to the Men’s Group (seriously, do they need a name?) because we have several humble leaders among them and I think it’s great that they have their space to build each other up, without the “Pastor” sitting with them.

Anyway… Grace.

Without accepting Christ’s love and bringing Him into your heart as Lord of your life, you’re empty. How can you love from empty? Grace fills you with His love. From there, you can begin to love as you never have before.

Author: Simon Guevara