Going Viral

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I was in an airport terminal recently and noticed something that honestly, I could have seen in any other public space these days… Everyone in the waiting area was using a portable device.

I know, this is not big news at all. I confess that I had mine out too. I was listening to music, texting & updating my status. What came to mind is how fast this addiction has poured out over our culture.

It wasn’t just young people who were on their smartphones & tablets. It was young & old, male & female.

Again… Not ground-breaking news here I understand. So what’s my point?

It’s only been just over 6 years since Apple release the first iPhone and look how far things have come with regard to dependency on portable devices! A global addiction spread in just 6 years.

In many respects, there’s a viral nature to our world today that new technology & information travels fast. So imagine what the gospel can do…

I read often the sorry state of the church and how more people are turning away from faith and pursuing new relativism or natural laws. But the Story of God is hardly dead! We need a return to the passion to Share the Story that the “framers” (early disciples) took on. Imagine, if the people of God banded together and engaged the culture! If we entered the larger conversation about truth & life & love… what could happen? How fast could this thing spread? How quickly might the world change if we took seriously the call to GO and make new disciples on a mass scale?

ExploreGod bugThis is what’s happening with the EXPLORE GOD movement here in Austin. To date, 319 churches have banded together in the greater Austin area for the purpose of exploring the big questions about faith & life & God.

I’m so excited about this opportunity and I think each one of these 319 churches all contribute something unique to the greater effort of sharing the Story of God.

I see that Restoration is uniquely prepared for this good work because of 3 things:

  • Our emphasis on relational discipleship; helping us to love more authentically by speaking transparently into hard spaces.
  • We’re a church of the Story; we talk often about the inescapable reality of God and obstacles to faith that our sin-condition has caused.
  • Even though I am the teaching pastor, I haven’t always been a believer! For most of my youth and young adult life, I was hostile to the gospel & was certain of my belief in my intellect. So I know what’s it’s like not to Know, you know?


For this reason, I’m excited to for this 8-week teaching series to begin & for me to once again, as I did in those days prior to being found by the Lord, to explore the Big Questions. Who knows what the impact will be…

Maybe six years from now, we’ll say “We helped change the world!”

Author: Simon Guevara