Digital Bulletin Sunday Sept 7

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Order of Today’s Worship

Worship    Gaius & Andrea Cameron

Message    Simon Guevara “The Story of Purpose”

Responding in Worship Prayer is available for everyone in the Prayer Space at the back of the Sanctuary


Sermon Notes and Discussion Questions 

God’s Story reveals our:

  • IDENTITY (Who we are)
  • MEANING (What is our value)
  • PURPOSE (What we are to do)

(Think:) Where else do we get competing ideas about “who we are?”

PURPOSE given at CREATION [Genesis

PURPOSE was lost in the FALL [Genesis 3]

PURPOSE was restored in the GOSPEL [ 

Why do you think Jesus asked His followers to “seek first the Kingdom of God?” How do you see yourself doing that right now?

The Holy Spirit fell on ALL FLESH. [Acts 2:17]

Those who follow Christ as networked as a BODY [1 Cor. 12:12]

What has been your understanding of the “church?” Is a place you attend? Or something you could belong to?

Everyone in the church receives GIFTING from the Holy Spirit.


“The people who are most confident about their purpose tend to be servants.”  What if we to buy viagra online neglect our spiritual gifting?


Which of the spiritual gifts do you think best describes how you’re gifted?










Mercy Pastor/Shepherd




Your Spiritual Gifting +

Your Personal Style (Introvert vs. Extrovert, Organized vs. Organic) +

Passion (What excites you) =


Your Serving Sweet Spot


 Know The Story is a foundational overview of the Bible and how it defines us. A new 6-week discussion group begins Sunday, Sept 21st at 9a. Please RSVP 

 Know It Night: Be a part of the discussion, as we explore challenging faith topics in a safe and open environment. Beginning Sunday, Sept 28th at 6p

 Newcomer’s Lunch Get to know our mission & vision of Restoration over a casual meal with new friends on Sept 21st. See

Restoration’s Ministries

Men’s & Women’s Ministries

Restoration Men gather Tuesdays 8pm (Contact Ato Korsah:

Women’s Know It Groups are Mondays 6:30p or Thursday 10a. (Beth:

Revive Student Ministry (

The Youth will gather this Wednesday at 6:30pm.

We’ll dig deep into the Word, worship together & have fun.

Children’s Ministries

  • R:Nursery (0-3yrs) is clean, safe & loving. Leader is Sarah Korsah.
  • R:Preschool (3-5yrs) explores God’s Story as we learn of His love for us. Leader is Leigh Ann Kipley.
  • Area 412 (K-5) emphasizes the Bible as our Story learned through creative expression and memorization. Leader is David Gaddy.


Author: Simon Guevara