Budget Preview Meeting

January 20, 2019

Everyone is invited to review the budget with the council members and ask questions after the service.


Annual Celebration

January 27, 2019

Everyone please join us for our Annual Celebration immediately following the service. Our “Celebrazione” this year will feature an Italian Potluck lunch as we sit down together to celebrate all that God has done for and through Restoration in 2018 and all that He will do in 2019!


Please contact Shelia Castillo to sign up to bring an item or dish for the Italian lunch.


Annual Meeting Agenda

January, 27, 2019


Call to Order & determine quorum

Reading & Approval of Minutes from Aug 26, 2018 Meeting

Pastors’ Report

Connections Pastor’s Report

Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report

Presentation and vote on budget for 2019

Report from Nominating Committee

Election of Council member, Treasurer, and Council Chair

Pastor Search Committee Report

Chair’s Reflections and Remarks

Closing Prayer & Adjourn


Council Election 2019

The following positions are open and these candidates are nominated to continue on or fill the positions by your elected Nominating Committee:


Council Chair:  Ralf Patterson (continuing in position)


Treasurer: Dale Arnold (continuing in position)


Council Member: San Juanita de la Cruz

Bio: San Juanita de la Cruz

San Juanita de la Cruz is presented to you today by the Restoration Covenant Church Nomination Committee as the nomination for the Church Council. Juanita has been part of Restoration since March 2018. She became a member on August 26, 2018. Shortly, after attending Restoration, Juanita volunteered in the Love the Rock in the spring. This event helped her decide to continue going to this church as she saw love in action by its members. Juanita currently serves in the nursery, is part of the Greeting Team and participates in the Immerse Bible Study group led by Dale and Cathey Arnold. Juanita has expressed her desire to grow in the Lord alongside this church family and to faithfully serve Him in any capacity that He leads her to do so.

Juanita came to know Jesus as her Savior when she was 16 years old through a ministry for migrant farm workers at Perrine Baptist Center in South Florida. She was baptized there too. Being a Christian has not been easy; talking it over with the Lord is essential as breathing to her. She acknowledges that without Jesus as Lord of every aspect of her life, it would be meaningless, lacking purpose.

Fifty years ago as a new Christian, she played Mary, mother of baby Jesus, in the Christmas play. Several years later, when Juanita became a mother of a son, she realized the abundant love one experiences for her child. Her appreciation of God’s unconditional love deepened. It is with utmost gratefulness that she hopes to serve Jesus in the Restoration Council.