After Know the Story, you will be invited to connect with a Live It Small Group. In this space of good, authentic friendship, you will be encouraged to live out God’s redemptive story in your life.

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We believe that we are created by God, but have fallen into sin which is manifested most significantly in broken, shallow (or unreal) relationships. Being redeemed in Christ, we are then called to Live Out our faith in way that encourages community with one another.

LIVE THE STORY Discussion Group:

Live The Story “Why Discipleship?” is a 6-week discussion group that we’ll explore our response as believers to God’s Story of grace in our lives. We’ll look biblically at the call to grow in grace, and love one another.

  • Session 1: “Why should we grow in faith?” (Raised to new LIFE, fruits of the spirit, obedience to His will and the power of hope)
  • Session 2: “Why Pray?” (Growing in the knowledge of His will) Know It Groups
  • Session 3: “Why Worship Together?” (Priority of church attendance and entering into worship) Communal Worship
  • Session 4: “Why does God Care About My Money?” (Tithing and the goal of living generously) Financial Peace 
  • Session 5: “Why should I Care About My Relationships?” (Learning to love) True North, Love & Respect, Marriage, Family
  • Session 6:  “Why Should I Share?” (Expanding relational boundaries, the call to make disciples through Sharing the Story)

We’d love to help you find a group that fits you. Just leave your comment below with your contact info to get connected! Our Connections Minister, Nancy Brieger will help you.


To Live Out The Story of God involves Sharing it with Others.