Have you committed yourself to trying to read the Bible and got stuck right around Leviticus?

Have you ever known someone who “knew the Bible; chapter and verse” but it didn’t seem to impact their heart or the way they lived?

We are a church that is called to Know It. The “It” being the Story of God as told in the Bible. This journey begins with Know the Story; our six-week discussion where you will learn how the Bible can be read as the Story of God.

But this isn’t just about learning clever facts or a good story. You’ll see the context of God’s whole story and where we are in it. You’ll develop an understanding of the whole Bible so reading it will make way more sense to you. You’ll experience the emotional relevance of the scriptures, and how God’s Story defines your story and everyone else’s.

“I believe Knowing the Story opens up a bigger context of who we are (IDENTITY), what life is all about (MEANING) and how we are to live (PURPOSE). Please join us for the next Know It course.” _Simon

I remember just coming to faith and hearing people at church tell me “You’ve got to spent time in the Word! You’ve got to read your Bible.” And I’d try but it seemed so hard to understand and rarely applied to where I was.

I found a study that sprinkled me around looking at key verses that defined basic Christian beliefs… that helped! But when I finished I was like, “Well, I’m done with that!”

Today, one of my favorite times is when I can sit with friends around the Word and see how the Spirit reveals that beautiful, all-encompassing Story that reveals who we are and the things we’re going through. And most of all, how Christ alone answers that universal problem of broken relationship and shame.

I hope you can join us, seriously!  _Simon Guevara 

In God’s Story, we see that:

  • We are Made…         By God | For Relationship: 
  • We are Fallen…        Into Sin             
  • We are Pursued…     By God’s Covenant Love
  • We are Restored…   In the Good News of Jesus Christ: 
  • We are Called…        To be Disciples: 
  • We are Destined…   For A Great Hope:

When we come to Know God’s Story as Our Story, then it’s time to begin Living Out God’s Story in the space of new relationships...