CHIC Day 2: Getting #Lecraed

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First. Full. Day.

CHIC 2015!!!!


All of the students and leaders can talk about is how everything is better than they dreamed or imagined. If you ever wonder if what the Bible says really rings true in real life, well it did today for us. I was walking with a student to MainStage and I asked her, “what has been your favorite thing about CHIC so far?” She hesitated for a moment, and I began to panic a little. Well not a little, but a lot! I wanted her to be loving CHIC!

“Honestly everything! I wanted to come in with low expectations so I would not be disappointed by what was happening at CHIC, but it has been better than I my high expectations! MainStage has been awesome, basecamps have been challenging, and there has just been so many stories so far!”

Now all glory to God, who is able, through His might power at work within us, to accomplish infiitely more than we might ask or think. -Ephesians 3:20

Now I have been to three CHIC events and this is one of the first times I have not known how to respond to a student! All I could think of was, isn’t that how it is supposed to be? Isn’t God supposed to blow away even our highest expectations of how He can work? Shouldn’t when we honestly and earnestly seek Him, He speaks louder and clearer than ever before?


And did He ever speak! We were given the unique opportunity not only to enjoy Lecrae perform, but to bring the message tonight! He nailed it. This guy was the real deal! His words hit the students right where they were! It’s like he knew what they were thinking, the way they were living, and the things they were struggling with! He dropped truth bombs on us ALL NIGHT LONG! 

“You’re value does not come from your performance, but your position as a son and daughter of God”

Continue to pray for us and lift us up! God is doing bigger things than we dare dream or imagine. Keep asking for His blessing to rain down on all 6,000 of us! God is good!

Austin Bailey, Youth Pastor

Author: Austin Bailey