Because of Us

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It’s Earth Day today, which is a day that we have come to reflect on the state of the planet and especially its health.

Our President echoes the voices of the scientific community in saying that “climate change is real.” Naturally (ahem), leaders are divided if global climate change is a real or at least a “man-made” event.

My reading on the subject isn’t broad and I should devote more time to reflecting on this issue. But my thoughts today aren’t about arguing the reality or perception of climate change but more I focus on the implication of saying that it’s a man-made event.

imagesI would offer that looking at the data about changing weather patterns, melting glaciers and rising tides over the last several decades, that there’s no doubt that we’re in a dramatic shift. The question is mostly about cause: Is this a “natural” (obviously accepting God’s sovereignty) shift? Or has humanity’s ignorance, neglect or abuse of our natural resources and fallout from industrialism causing the shift?

Of course the issue (like so many others) has to be divided across political lines. Typically, it is the left/liberal/progressive/democratic voices agree that it is the fallout (fall up?) of the Industrial Revolution that is the cause of global warmi—well, let’s say global climate (Because it hasn’t just gotten warmer)*.

My warning to those who openly support the idea that human choices (call it ignorance, neglect or abuse) have lead to such a global consequences is that you see the potential for long-term moral decay of the human condition by ignorance, neglect and abuse of God’s “natural” law.

Just as our forefathers may not have known what they were doing when the revolutionized industry, we may not know the deeper impact of today’s sexual and moral revolution. Are there disastrous effects to come?

Happy Earth Day Everyone.


*I'm not here to argue that and I was only making a slight on the fact that what was once Global Warming is now called Climate Change. I sometimes wonder who works on the branding efforts of these global movements. Having worked in Branding and Marketing, I can't help but imagine all the research that goes into reshaping an issue with words.
Author: Simon Guevara