Annual Celebration: Springtime!

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Restoration gathered after worship for our annual celebration where we thanked God for how He’s moving among us and covenanted ourselves for this coming year of ministry!


Simon offered his gratitude for the privilege of serving as Pastor. “I am so thankful as I get to see God work in and through your lives.” We’re also thankful for the new babies being born this week and new members joining.

Simon also announced our “Three Initiatives” 2014 (Every year, he marks three areas of organizational focus). They are:

  1. Clarifying our Convictions: “Convictions” are things are arguable from scripture, yet define individual churches and denomination. Restoration will open up the conversation on several important topics this year asking, “How do people of God’s Story dialogue about issues of sexuality and the practice of the Christian faith?” We’ll host 5 “Know It Nights” this year, that will be open house discussions about key issues that we face today.
  2. Developing Sustainable Ministry Models for our Know, Live and Share. We need a clear path for discipleship and leader development. This will be a special focus of the Council this year that will allow us to pursue maturity in our faith as a body, as we are being obedient to the mission that the Lord has given us.
  3. Expanding our Ministry Base. Restoration seems to be a season of growth (Thank you Lord!) and we need to work at how to accommodate our growing community in our more economical space. We’re already planning to have two worship services for Easter Sunday (9a & 10:30) and will be tracking forward to see if this change will need to be a permanent one. We are also looking to continue inspiring healthy community giving.

We offered our gratitude to the emerging leaders that are shepherding Restoration’s ministries. Though, it was noted, that many of the same families are listed as leaders among several areas. The call was clear for more of us to begin a process of serving and leading as we are all called and gifted.

Austin Bailey offered his Youth Pastor’s Report “live via satellite” from Chicago where he is attending the Covenant’s MidWinter gathering.

The 2014 Budget reflects our greatly reduced facilities cost. We call it our “base model” budget. Good news that our facilities budget is 1/5 of the costs of 1150 McNeil. Still, we are not in a position to increase salaries or staff at this time (which is fine) but we do plan to seek the addition of a 900 sq/ft office space at 475RRW after the sale of 1150.

The Base model budget allows us to move down the road but we’d like to see ourselves being able to grow and add more extras—such as more support for regional and global missions and expanding our youth minister from part to full time. Simon called for “next level” giving…

If you haven’t been giving, start with $20 a week, or something! If you’re already a regular giver THANK YOU! And ask the Lord honestly, what little more can we stretch and be obedient to that call! Every little extra will encourage our shared mission and vision. There are many exciting things ahead for us to discover together!

Two long serving Council members terms have expired and they are ineligible to continue based on our limits (up to two 3-year terms). Restoration is so thankful for Rex Berridge and Paulo Vieira’s long service to the work here. 2014 Council members who unanimously affirmed are:

  • Jayne Gaddy (1-year term as Chair)
  • Chic (Charles) Puckhaber (1 year term as Treasurer)
  • Rick Fisher (additional 3 year term as Secretary)
  • Veronica Milstead (3 year term)
  • Nathan Rakoff (3 year term)

Our next congregational gathering will be August 24th, which is our semi-annual celebration.



Author: Simon Guevara