5MinDevo Day 4

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“For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” [John 1v16]

In the Story, the word “grace” calls to mind God’s undeserved blessings. The good things in life that you didn’t earn or rarely even ask for. A great example of His grace is your life. You didn’t ask for life, but you got it anyway. (It might not be the one you would have chosen, but it is a gift anyway.)

In the life and ministry of Jesus, God is again pouring out grace; showing a love to us that we don’t deserve or didn’t expect. Like a double chocolate cake, the gift of life has been poured out and is made even sweeter by the love of God shown to you in the face of Christ.

This is grace upon grace: we get life and when we so quickly make a mess of it, God is there again pouring out more grace to win our hearts back again and again and again…

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Author: Restoration Admin