5MinDevo Day 24

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I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. [John 12v46]

It was after midnight and I woke up thirsty so I went downstairs to the kitchen to grab a cup of ice water.  It was probably the quietest part of the night because I couldn’t hear a sound.  I noticed this because compared to the wind storm that raged most of the day, the night was very still.

Filling my cup, I looked out the kitchen window towards the backyard.  Not only was it quiet, it was also very, very bright.  At first, I thought that I must have left the security lights on because, it seemed bright enough to read in.  I checked the lights and they weren’t on.  So I went up towards the front of the house which faces south.

The night was filled with the brilliance of a very full moon.

It was cold.  I was in pjs.  Even still, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to go out.  And it was beautiful.

The presence of Christ comes into to the world in much the same way.  There are storms in life.  Everything in our lives is shaken.  Branches that we once hung onto are now revealed to be weak and maybe blown away.  Our integrity is tested.

And then, there is this light.  This still, quite brilliant presence that illuminates the darkness with a powerful glow. Will you step out into it?

Author: Restoration Admin