5MinDevo Day 16

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Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.” [John 8v58]

Abraham was given the opportunity to make the most difficult sacrifice any father could ever make. He was willing to give the life of his only son in order to show his devotion to the Lord.

When Abraham was climbing that mountain, God was there.

That story is part of our Story to show us the depth of God’s love over his children. He loves us so much He was willing to give the life of His only Son Jesus so that the world could be free from the death penalty of sin.

Nothing in God’s Story happens by accident. God has a plan and is executing that plan according to His will. Maybe there’s something in your life right now that you’re holding on to even as you know that God longs for you to give it to Him as a demonstration of your commitment to His purposes.

Know that He is with you in this decision and will guide you in your walk towards living for Him

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Author: Restoration Admin