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What’s holding you back from knowing and trusting God?

  • Hypocrisy in the Church

  • Judgmental Attitudes

  • How a “Good God” Could Allow Bad Things

  • Faith is Not Reasonable or Rational

  • I’m Not Good Enough

These barriers represent the Top 5 reasons most people say they cannot or will not consider the claims of Christianity as true. And they are valid observations! Definitely worthy of honest consideration.

GT201727As a young adult, Simon was a seasoned agnostic and passionate atheist. “I could argue and embarrass most Christians that I came across.” Then God changed his heart and mind.

Today, Simon is now Pastor Simon and instead of belittling people with doubt and questions, he is able to resonate with them and work, respectfully, through some of them. 

You won’t hear the same tired answers. We’ll probe the question and see why these barriers are legitimate before reflecting them against scripture and faith. 

Join us for this important series and maybe some of those walls might come down…

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