Annual Cele 16

Annual Meeting and Celebration

This is a reminder that we’ll be gathering for worship and hosting our Annual Celebration/Meeting THIS SUNDAY!  Please make it a priority to attend and participate! Sunday 01/17/16 Schedule: 9:30am Worship (*Including affirmation of new members!) 10:30am Annual Celebration/Meeting (*See Agenda below) 11:15am Worship AGENDA   Call meeting to order and determine quorum Approval of minutes…


Happy New Year!

Looking back, I can see all the ways the Lord was present through moments of joy and trial. I’m so thankful for Restoration Covenant Church and am excited to see how He will continue to favor us in 2016 as we serve Him with humility!  

Joseph and angel

With Child

“Hey Joseph… You’re fiance, Mary… She’s pregnant.” The time when Alicia and I were engaged was one of the best seasons of my life. Never before was I anticipating something so much as I was the gathering together of all our friends and family to celebrate our wedding day—let alone the excitement of taking her…


Bike Through Traffic

 Daniel Lemke is biking across America with a message of hope. He’s raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. And he needs your help to complete his journey. Follow him on your social networks and if you’re able, help meet new friends along his route out west.   Check out Bike Through Traffic here and follow him…


Haiti Insider Mission

We’re thankful for friends Doug & Nancy Stevens who are continuing their ministry in Haiti in January. Doug and Nancy will be returning to Haiti in January, 2016, with teachers (and sisters-in-law) Kristy Klays and Tracy Kays from Phoenix, to complete another teacher training seminar and continue the Pastoral instruction. How can you get involved? …


The Seat of our Emotions

“I’ve got a gut feeling about this.” That’s a phrase that you’ve heard or maybe have used. The fact is we casually assign a lot of emotional responses coming out of our lower region. “I’ve got a sinking feeling that this isn’t going to work out.” In the ancient world, it was thought that the…

Thanksgvg Food Drive

Thanksgiving Food Drive

As you’re running about this week gathering supplies for your Thanksgiving Feast, let us remember to SHARE THE STORY of God’s love with those who may go without. Restoration is celebrating our friendship with The Storehouse Food Panty in Pflugerville by hosting a pre-thanksgiving food drive. Please bring items on Sunday, Nov 22 as we…

Why so nice?

I’m THAT guy. The one who makes conversation with cashiers and people in the street that I pass. I think I have a sense of appropriate space and time, but yeah, I’m that guy, who’s always talking to people. And now, my kids are starting to notice. I took Sabrina with me to HEB. She’s…

Daylight Savs

If I Could Turn Back Time

Every year, we’re given the opportunity to fall back one hour, which always leads to think, “If I could get one hour back, which one would it be?” September ___, 1994, 9-10pm: I was sitting courtside at the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York for a great match with Mats Wilander vs someone else….

Peer pressure

Last night, I had another conversation with my boys in an ongoing series about Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure is a powerful, mysterious force that can drive us to be someone we really don’t want to be. We can want to be liked by people we don’t really like ourselves. Be lured to desire things that we…

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