Love and Respect

Coming up towards our wedding day, Alicia & I were as in love as two people could be. We were confident in our ability to have a great life together… We had done all the premarital counseling with a very close pastor friend, so it was a thorough walk-through of the potential pitfalls of marriage….



And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” More chilling words, I can’t imagine. The crying out of our Lord Jesus in lament for his suffering. Still, these words leave much to be considered; the…



“It would have been better if they shot me…” One of the worst mass killers in the world complained this week about being kept in isolation. Norway’s notorious killer Anders Breivik was in court to complain about the inhuman conditions he’s been kept in since he was convicted of murdering 77 people. I’m not here…

PJ Sunday

PJ Sunday

Let’s make this time change a little easier and bit more fun…

Street Fights

Often I see or hear people fighting in public. And it always breaks my heart… (Watch the Video)

Called (Pt 2: Compelled)

I knew I was meant to serve as a Pastor because it was NOT what I wanted to do. It’s true. Being a pastor sounded hard (esp I knew it meant going back to school) and I knew it probably wouldn’t be a comfortable living (work long and odd hours, often on-call and it’s certainly not…


Called (Part 1)

Recently, I attended my final interview for ordination with the Evangelical Covenant Church. I thought I’d post some of my positions here for you to read and interact with… I haven’t always been a “denomination guy.” But among the many things that I’ve come to appreciate about the Covenant is it’s high standards for its pastors….

Annual Cele 16

Annual Meeting and Celebration

This is a reminder that we’ll be gathering for worship and hosting our Annual Celebration/Meeting THIS SUNDAY!  Please make it a priority to attend and participate! Sunday 01/17/16 Schedule: 9:30am Worship (*Including affirmation of new members!) 10:30am Annual Celebration/Meeting (*See Agenda below) 11:15am Worship AGENDA   Call meeting to order and determine quorum Approval of minutes…


Happy New Year!

Looking back, I can see all the ways the Lord was present through moments of joy and trial. I’m so thankful for Restoration Covenant Church and am excited to see how He will continue to favor us in 2016 as we serve Him with humility!  

Joseph and angel

With Child

“Hey Joseph… You’re fiance, Mary… She’s pregnant.” The time when Alicia and I were engaged was one of the best seasons of my life. Never before was I anticipating something so much as I was the gathering together of all our friends and family to celebrate our wedding day—let alone the excitement of taking her…

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