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Occasionally someone will post a meme that catches my attention and that I think deserves a reply. Got one that you’d like me to address? Send it! “Why do we only ‘rest in peace?’ Why don’t we ‘live in peace’ too?” Theologically speaking one “rests in peace” when they pass away with the hope of resurrection…


092316 Weekly

Here’s what happening this Week at Restoration…



I was out-of-town last weekend at a family funeral. Who passed away was my sister-in-law, Shirley. The “in-law” part always feels inaccurate because she was so much more to me. You can read her obituary here. Shirley (formerly Brummel) married my oldest brother, Noe, when they were both very young and I was just 18 months old….


As you head back to school this week you might be excited to hang out with old friends… But make sure to look around you with God’s eyes. Do you see anyone who’s new or might look like they could use a friend? Jesus said, “When you put on a luncheon or a banquet, don’t…

greatest ever

Greatest EVER?

“…the greatest of all time…”   “The most decorated _______ EVER….”   “We’re seeing history in the making…”   “…has just written their place in the history books…”   “No one has ever…”   “We may never see anything like this again…”   These are phrases that are kicked around a lot by commentators—not just in…

Semi Annual Celebration

Our Semi-Annual Celebration & Members’ Meeting is Sunday, August 21st. We hope you can join us for a potluck and interactive time of hearing the state of our shared ministry as we look ahead at the Fall/Winter Season.   RESTORATION COVENANT CHURCH OF ROUND ROCK 2016 SEMIANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING   Date: Sunday, August 21, 2016…


Summer of Record

This year, my wife and I sending 4 of our 5 kids to Midsouth Covenant Camp—This is a record for us! But ours isn’t the only record being set this summer at camp… 2016 Midsouth Camp By the Numbers: Conference wide, we’re sending 119 kids to camp—the most campers this century! Restoration is sending 26 kids…


Worship Night LIVE

If you’re in Round Rock, tonight (6/22/15) join us for Worship Night: An evening of open worship and prayer. Otherwise, we’ll be on Facebook LIVE


Vacation Bible Club IN THE PARK!

COME PARTY WITH US IN THE PARK! Restoration Youth are so excited to host a VBC at Lake Creek Park in Round Rock, Monday, July 18th—Thursday July 21st, 6-8pm 

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