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WATCH YOUR WEEKLY UPDATE HERE (1m13secs)  “I am much nicer than this picture suggests!” This Week: “Broken for You” Series: Breaking a Religious Spirit (Matthew 15:1-9) Nominations for Church Council: Do you know someone who you think should be considered to serve on our leadership team? Send nominations to Rick Fisher, Chair of the 2016 Nomination Committee WATCH…


Love The Rock

Wow! We had awesome teams out there make huge projects happen for our Round Rock Neighborhoods. Met so many wonderful families too! _Sarah Beth, Restoration’s LOVE THE ROCK Coordinator See pics here!


101416 Weekly

Broken series Continues and it’s time to commit to some local SHARE Opportunities…


These could be mine… and they are.

I was so upset today by the photos of devastation left by Hurricane Matthew this week. The one above with the two little girls haunts me because these two little sweeties are about the same age as my daughter’s Sabrina and Adele. It pains me to see them there in a badly flooded area, knowing…


100716 Weekly

Having your serve broken in tennis is a disadvantage, but in The Story, it’s different…


Me on Memes (1)

Occasionally someone will post a meme that catches my attention and that I think deserves a reply. Got one that you’d like me to address? Send it! “Why do we only ‘rest in peace?’ Why don’t we ‘live in peace’ too?” Theologically speaking one “rests in peace” when they pass away with the hope of resurrection…


092316 Weekly

Here’s what happening this Week at Restoration…

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