020317 Weekly Update

Watch the Weekly Update: This Week: Irresistible Series (1 Cor chapter 5-6) with Communion Newcomers Lunch Sunday Feb 12th Worship & Prayer Night Friday 2/12 7pm  Uplift: Parent Ministry TONIGHT   Prayers Please: Pray for Restoration; Let’s keep the momentum! Pray where you are or gather at the church on Saturdays 12-1p For unity in the church…



I was walking my kids into their school the other morning and I like to greet the other kids as they are walking in. “Good morning,” I say. Or,”You make it buddy/sweetie, good job getting up this morning!” My kids are tolerant of my outgoing nature but someday they might be embarrassed—but thankfully, not yet!…


Neither Paul nor Apollos

One great quality about our current series Irresistible; The Power of Grace, is that the congregation will get to walk through it hearing two distinct voices. I, Simon, and team teaching this series with Doug Stevens, who is newish to our community having just relocated to the Round Rock/Austin area with his wife Nancy. Doug…


Peaceful Transitions

For the past two years, I’ve been meeting every Wednesday for lunch with Rick, RESTORATION’s Chair. But this was the last of our regularly scheduled meetings… Rick is a long-time Austinite, who lives actually no where near our church. He lives downtown near Zilker (I know, right!). So he knows many of the best spots….


012017 Weekly Update

This Week: Irresistible Series (1 Cor chapter 3) with Doug Stevens! Uplift (Live It group on parenting) Friday, Jan 20th 7-8:30pm New Members Exploration Sunday, after worship Annual Celebration/Meeting/Potluck Sunday 1/29/17  *See Agenda at the bottom of this email Printed copies of the proposed 2017 Budget will be available on Sunday  Prayers Please: Pray for…


Weekly Update 010617

 This Week: Irresistible Series  Gamenight! tonight 6:30-8:30p Uplift (Live It group on parenting) next Friday night SAVE THE DATE for the Annual Celebration/Meeting Sunday 1/29/17     Prayers Please: Revival in the new year Wisdom for our Council Nomination Committee For those preparing the 2017 budget  


Christmas Photo Booth

So we put up a photobooth during one Sunday morning… What could possibly happen? Home for the Holidays


120916 Weekly Update

Recovering Stolen Joy :: Advent Wk 2 This Week: Home for the Holidays Advent Series continues *Be on time for the candlelighting!! The Restoration Share It Tree gifts are DUE THIS SUNDAY! Restoration will be hosting a memorial service for Allison Pearson. Hospitality help is needed. (Email Nancy Brieger if you’re able to help with providing snacks for…

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