Shivering Well

Taken from a recent post from Alicia Guevara, Sabrina drew the short straw last night. Last shower. And the sibs who went before her took loooong longity-long showers. The hot water was gone. But she needed a shower. She had spilled paint all over herself in art class, and I’m pretty sure she forgot deodorant yesterday. And…


Summer Baptisms

Throughout the history of the Church, baptism has been a powerful sign of one’s desire to be transformed in Christ and walk in the newness of life. At Restoration, baptism is celebrated as a sacrament—meaning we trust there there is a tangible grace that is present—and an intimate time to share what the Christ our…


Epilogue (Alicia Guevara)

So yes. One week ago we woke up our five kids at 5am and surprised them that we were leaving for Disney World. As hoped and as promised, all our Disney dreams magically came true. We sang the Frozen songs along with Elsa&Anna. We rode the Banshees in the fresh-to-park Pandora at Animal Kingdom {uh…


“I can’t say my name….”

Our youngest son is five-years-old. And like many kids his age, he has trouble pronouncing certain sounds… Like “R.”  Which is especially sad, because his name is Harvey. The other night, Harvey was telling me how he was excited about showing his class how he is learning to juggle. He has two stuffed animal lambs…


The Talk

I get to help (again) with the boys’ maturation classes at OTE today! Maybe I shouldn’t sound too excited about it but the truth is, I love awkward conversations! As a dad of growing boys, I’ve had to peel the layers of truth out for them as my older two sons are moving into adolescence….



I was walking my kids into their school the other morning and I like to greet the other kids as they are walking in. “Good morning,” I say. Or,”You make it buddy/sweetie, good job getting up this morning!” My kids are tolerant of my outgoing nature but someday they might be embarrassed—but thankfully, not yet!…


Peaceful Transitions

For the past two years, I’ve been meeting every Wednesday for lunch with Rick, RESTORATION’s Chair. But this was the last of our regularly scheduled meetings… Rick is a long-time Austinite, who lives actually no where near our church. He lives downtown near Zilker (I know, right!). So he knows many of the best spots….


Blind Date

There was a lot of snow that night, especially for an early December. I wondered if we should just cancel. But it was “tonight or never” in my mind. As I turned into the driveway, in front of me was the type of home I wasn’t expecting to find at the end of a narrow…

greatest ever

Greatest EVER?

“…the greatest of all time…”   “The most decorated _______ EVER….”   “We’re seeing history in the making…”   “…has just written their place in the history books…”   “No one has ever…”   “We may never see anything like this again…”   These are phrases that are kicked around a lot by commentators—not just in…

Slowing Down the Moment

Slowing down the moment

Our oldest son just broke the barrier… He graduated from elementary school. Along with the normal reflection and lament, probably my bigger concern is how his movement from grade school to middle school will mean that the rest of our kids aren’t far behind. I remember when Ruben started Kindergarten. Then the year flashed by…